Friday, 28 December 2012

UK Flint Knapping Forum

A great site,

The UK Knapping Forum is a site for UK Flint Knappers to meet and discuss things. It is friendly to new knappers and an excellent place to learn. It has extensive information of where to find resources in the UK, what to make and has a free video tutorials & books section. A great place al in all.

UK Flint Knapping Forum

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  1. Just started knapping after developing an interest in the subject after finding chert mesolithic implements where I live close to pendle hill. Got my deluxe kit delivered Saturday and have managed to create a lovely little spearhead out of a piece of more a less pure black chert I found locally. I have been scouring the ribble for more pieces but haven't found any thats not been riddled with impurities. Where can I purchase knapping flint or chert of good quality within the uk? Not large quantities like tonne sacks though as I don't have a big enough garden to accommodate that much. Thanks.