Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chisel Shaped Arrowheads

Chisel Arrowheads by Prehistorics

Chisel Arrowheads are a kind of flint arrowhead found only in late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Northern Europe. They are completely unique and nothing like them is found any where else in the world.

The trapezoid shape of the arrowheads are counter intuitive. Most arrowheads narrow towards the point and have sharp edges, chisel arrowheads widen towards the point. Experimental archaeology has shown however this design to be quite effective when used.

Prehistoric Knappers often took advantage of the natural sharpness of the flint edge when making these arrowheads using the unretouched edge as a tip and ones that show retouching on the tip may not have been made this way, just resharpened. 

Chisel Arrowheads found around Britain

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