Friday, 14 March 2014

Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead Guide

This free guide explains the varieties of Barbed and Tanged arrowheads found in Britain during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. A high resolution version and more free posters can be downloaded from the site below.


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  2. Hi David,
    did not know how else to reach you, I saw your post in a forum online where you searched for fellow stone-age reenactors (while searching for fellow-stoneage-reenactors as well :-)). There is a scene developing in mostly Germany, Denmark and the closer areas. Mostly individuals but with a small network to each other. I joined some very talented people, some archeologists, archeotechnics, mostly hobbyists, reenactors and the like in this movement in their spirit of building something more visible to the public and going into event-planning for stoneage reenactment. please add: if you can, to be updated on future developements and get in touch with "us" (i am saying "us", but the initiative is actually steered not by me but by others, we are not really a group or anything, no organisation so far, just some people knowing some other people who again know other people and kind of planning to do some stuff in the next year in Germany and Denmark). We are here and we all love the period. And it would be great to get to know other people in Europe who have the same interests!

    Btw, this is my own homepage/blog: