Thursday, 16 October 2014

Prehistorics on TV

Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath, the BBC's new big budget comprehensive prehistory of our national monument has recently come out featuring much of my work. The documentary was filmed in flint free Austria, so all the flint items in the show had to be sent from Britain. 

The documentary is proving to be excellent, dayglo pink flint, Neolithic warfare and even a visit to Carnac being among the highlights. I could criticise the accuracy of the Mesolithic hunter gatherers using the Neolithic arrowheads I made or the footage of a Green Lo barbed and tanged I made being used at the Battle of Crickley Hill in the middle Neolithic, but that may be nit picking too much. Overall it's great work from the BBC whose archaeological output is usually so poor. Hopefully the show indicates a turning over of a new leaf in their production standards.

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